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Deal with those maintenance problems. This garage door FAQ page gives you the details. Just go through the following questions and answers. You will definitely get some answers to your own garage door questions as well. We make your life easy!

  • Should I use polyurethane on my garage doors?

    Yes you should. This is based on a recommendation by Garage Door Repair Miami. The material has a very high R-Value and is flimsy enough not to cause any problems with the weight of the door. We ensure that it is chemically bonded between steel panels before using it on your property.

  • Does my garage door opener have an average lifespan?

    The average lifespan of both garage door openers and universal garage door openers can range from anywhere between ten and twenty years. However, if the opener is properly maintained and does not suffer the wear and tear of constant use, then it could go beyond twenty.

  • What type of garage door should I get?

    The experts at Garage Door Miami get this question a lot due to their expertise, but picking out a style of a garage door is an individual matter. Asking an expert in a private consultation will allow you to better gauge your options.

  • What type of door is more convenient?

    Convenience comes with practicality and practicality varies among properties. Each door type has different requirements. For example, an overhead door will require space on the ceiling and swing doors will need space in front of the garage. So, measure your garage and choose accordingly.

  • What is the best garage door material?

    All materials today are great and your choice must depend on personal factors. For example, if you live in high moisture regions, wood will warp sooner and you will need garage door maintenance more frequently. Garage Door Repair Miami recommends choosing based on your requirements.

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