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Garage Door Maintenance

Door Maintenance | Garage Door Repair Miami, FL

Broken springs, bent tracks and damaged panels are just a few of the many different issues that can inflict your garage door system. While wear and tear does come with the territory, and some accidents can be unavoidable over time, a lot of problems can be prevented with proper maintenance. With our service visits, our technicians can make sure your door isn't just safe to use, but that it also ends up lasting you for a very long time.

Nothing Escapes Father Time

As durable and flexible as garage door springs can be, eventually they will break. This is due to the tremendous amount of tension they go through on a daily basis. However, with regular lubrication and occasional tension adjustment, they can achieve a longer lifespan. Our experts will also check their coils to see whether they're nearing their breaking point, or if there's still some use left in them.

A Watchful Eye

The springs aren't the only part we'll check, of course. Our team will also inspect everything from the panels to the cables, searching for minor damages that can be repaired along the way. Our team will fix any bent track sections we discover and lubricate the steel rollers to help them move more smoothly. We'll also examine the opener's drive system, and lubricate it as well if it's uses a chain or a threaded rod.

Speaking Of The Opener

This motorized unit has a few safety features that need to be tested every so often to make sure the system is still safe. Our team will test both the photo eye sensors and the auto-reverse feature, and adjust them accordingly if we find that they're not working correctly. Sensor re-alignment needs to be done carefully, as these are delicate components, so it's better to leave this type of task to our team rather than trying to do it yourself.

Your Door Will Thank You

With the maintenance service our team at Garage Door Repair Miami offers, you'll be able to make sure your automatic system is operating more efficiently and that it's lifespan is absolutely maximized. Call us today to schedule an appointment

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