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Garage Door Repair In Jupiter FL

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We can repair every part of any automatic garage door system anywhere near the Jupiter area

Garage Door Repair In Jupiter FL

Keeping your car secure from thieves, vandals, and weather events is much easier with a sturdy garage door. Automatic overhead doors are the most popular style and for good reason! You can get the most out of these complicated devices with access to dependable, affordable maintenance and replacement services. If you own garage doors in Jupiter or want to get new ones installed, you’re in luck!

Garage Door Troubleshooting Available 7-days a Week in Jupiter FL

If you find yourself surprised at the worst time by a garage door off track or not opening, try our emergency services. Our team can make it to any Jupiter garage within hours of receiving your call, and they’ll fix anything! A garage door opener not working, a jammed roller or hinge, or a broken lift cable are all just a day’s work for our experts. Whenever they set out on a troubleshooting trip, they make sure they have a full set of spare parts with them, so they can finish the job right then and there.

Jupiter Spring Replacement Made Safe And Easy

Weak springs will only make warning sounds for so long before they break. A garage door won’t open with broken springs, so it’s better to take care of them before it comes to that! Our garage door spring replacement service provides torsion and extension springs for all sizes of residential garage doors. If worst comes to worst and your springs already broke, see our quick troubleshooting service above to get priority spring replacement.

Get A Free Estimate For a New Garage Door

If you need garage doors installed in Jupiter, make an appointment and let our team come over for a first look at your garage. They’ll run you through the pros and cons of each door and opener option, and give you a free estimate. With the right choices, garage door installation can make your property more scenic and attractive, as well as safe and convenient.

Learn More About Recent Garage Door Repair/Install Projects

So we talked about a few of the many services we provide to garage doors near Jupiter. To learn more about what we can do, read some of the recent project summaries down below. If you need anything added, replaced, or repaired in your garage door, give us a call and let us prove ourselves to you!

Opener Repair Near Jupiter | Garage Door Repair Miami

Garage Door Opener Repair

Customer Issue: We needed to replace the drive and worm gears because they were stripped.  
Our Solution: First, we visually inspected the garage door system. Since the springs were showing no signs of wear and the cables were tightly wound and without frays, we turned to the opener. The drive and worm gears were stripped which is why the door refused to move. So, we installed the replacement components, reinstalled the opener and gave the door a trial run. Once we made sure the door opened and closed completely, our job was done.    

Ricky Hess - Jupiter
Garage Door Replacement | Tequesta | Garage Door Repair Miami FL

Garage Door Replacement

Customer Issue: This customer inherited a house with an attached garage and noticed he was losing conditioned air through the garage.  
Our Solution: Not only did our customer want a steel insulated door, but he also wanted to be able to operate it by using a mobile application. We sat down and chose the models that met Mr. Mathews’ wishes and went on to install them. Once we replaced the door and installed the opener, we also replaced the springs with a stronger pair. We programmed the opener and checked everything was fully functioning before leaving.   

Tyrone Mathews - Tequesta

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Miami-based pros specializing in spring replacement and opener repair.

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