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Why Is My Garage Door Opener Making A Strange Beeping Noise?

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Why Is My Garage Door Opener Making A Strange Beeping Noise?

Garage Door Opener Being Noisy? Contact Your Nearby Experts | Miami, FL

There are a few possible reasons why your garage door opener is beeping. Some models beep when they start using their backup battery source, so if your house hasn't lost power, you may want to have an expert check why this happened as the problem might be with the circuits and dealing with electricity is dangerous. It may also start beeping as its backup power source starts running out, to alert you to that fact. Other times, the opener can start beeping simply because it uses some type of timed closing feature that causes it to beep whenever the door is closing, as a form of safety alert. If you want to be sure your opener isn't experiencing a malfunction, give our professionals a call any time.

More Useful Information About Garage Openers

Your door can function automatically because it uses a motor unit that allows you to control it via a remote control, a wall switch, or your own smartphone. As useful and convenient as this type of device can be, it isn't without some potential issues. But before discussing the problems this unit can experience, let's first talk about the available types.

Different Types of Openers

While they ultimately serve the same purpose, garage door openers can vary quite significantly in terms of how they work and the different benefits and maintenance requirements they have. So what are the main types that exist today?

  • Chain Drive Openers - These units use a chain to move the door, which means they are loud and will require adjustment from time to time as well as lubrication. However, this also allows them to be stronger than other types as well as more affordable.

  • Belt Drive Openers - Units of this type work similarly to chain drive units, except, as their name suggests, they use a belt instead. This makes them operate much more smoothly and without noise virtually. However, it also means they're not as powerful and are more expensive.

  • Screw Drive Openers - Models of this type are great for those who don't want to have to deal with maintenance. They're the fastest of the three types and only require a little bit of lubrication once in a blue moon in order to stay operational. However, they aren't silent and can malfunction due to drastic temperature shifts.

So Which One Is Right For Me?

Ultimately, the choice depends on various factors, including your budget. You need to decide how much noise you're willing to put up with, as well as how much maintenance you're willing to have to deal with. To make sure you're making an informed decision, contact Garage Door Repair Miami and get the help you need from the professional technicians nearest to you.


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